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Growing up at Epoch

My association with Epoch started back in 2016, when I was in the process of figuring out what I want to do in my life from a career perspective. I have always been a self starter and initially started working with Epoch as a freelance consultant for design and marketing, coming in...

Abhishek Mohanty

Design & Marketing

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“Earning” is far more important than “selling”

Epoch - A name that defines an era of development and sweet memories and after spending 6 months here, I believe this place truly justifies its meaning. I am Aditi and I manage “On-Boarding and Customer Relations” at Epoch Elder Care...

Aditi Jain

On-Boarding & Customer Relations

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Around 3 years back, the gravity of my destiny pulled me to Epoch

Prior to joining Epoch Elder Care, I had worked as a HR professional mainly in the corporate sector, for 7 years. Joining as HR Head at Epoch was not accidental or incidental. My reasons for choosing Epoch were two-fold (1) It was definitely a natural call from the human inside...

Karina Dhamija

Head - Human Resource

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At Epoch, I have learnt that money is important but it’s not everything!

When I joined Epoch Elder Care in 2014 as an Assistant Manager Finance, I was not sure that my journey at Epoch would go on for so long and so smoothly. It is now 6 years and counting! At the beginning, working at Epoch was a new environment for me, soemthing very different...

Vaibhav Bisht

Manager Finance

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Beginning of my work life... with Epoch!

Year 2020- fresh batch out of University, in the most unexpected pandemic times, from everything going online and staying in lockdown- there were a lot of new challenges that started to build in my life. That year was a time when the entire world was preparing to...

Dipankar Sharan

Content Creator, Design & Marketing

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Trying new roles and gaining new skills at Epoch

I want to share my unique professional journey with you. Personally, I have been someone who is always up for trying new things. In August 2014, after completing my training as a General Duty Assistant, I got placed at Epoch Elder Care as a care attendant. Even though I...

Romi Cannon

Human Resource Assistant

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To Epoch, a cassette of my life

There’s the music of sarod playing in the background while I write this, helps me write my memoirs! When I was a child, I used to write diaries. What’s enticing to me at that point in time was the smell of new vintage-looking pages, and a unique feeling to ink it down. It all started then...


Business Assistant & Content Writer

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The unique feeling of working in elder care

Having worked for Engineering Consulting Organizations for most of my career, I thought that move to Epoch Elder Care as an Administration Manager would be fairly similar to my previous experiences. However, slowly I realized and felt that working in an Engineering..

Amit Ganguly

Admin Manager

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The COVID move-in experience

From the past 1 and half years, our lives have taken a complete turn and things are at standstill. These times have been extremely challenging for everyone across the globe especially for the Healthcare sector. I am Aditi and I take care of admissions and...

Aditi Jain

On-Boarding & Customer Relations

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Story of my second home

Hello everyone! I am very excited that I have completed one and half years at Epoch Elder Care, and there are lots of amazing memories which I have earned from my Epoch family in these last 18 months! On one hand, I am a very introverted person,and on the other hand, I also...

Vikram Pundir

Food & Beverage Executive

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It’s a home!

Being an observant to many small and mid-size businesses for past decade, when a business still awes you, it is definitely worth a shout out. I haven’t taken as much pride in any of the other entities I worked with, than announcing to the world about Epoch. With the profession I am in...

Kumar Vivek

Financial Consultant

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Stepping outside the bracket of generation

As an intern with Epoch, I worked closely with all the residents at both Epoch Assisted Living facilities, i.e Vermeer and Frida and was responsible for observing the behavior that was inhibited by all residents during the socializing time. I was also working...

Khushee Motwani

Care intern

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My life as an Epoch resident

You may be wondering, why I have come up with an article named “My life as an Epoch Resident”. Yes, I am also an Epoch resident among other Epoch residents and I am truly happy to be called so. I am a Facility Manager at one of the Epoch homes and I also stay in...

Chinchu Joseph

Facility Manager, Vermeer House

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More than just “sales”

Got a chance of penning down my experience with Epoch and I am quite nervous…! I have lived my life with Epoch for the last 3 years. It has been an amazing journey. I have seen people work day and night selflessly, beyond their call of duty. I am an electronics...

Shweta Sharma

On-Boarding & Customer Relations

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My Epoch journey

My journey with Epoch Elder Care has taught me so much and helped me grow. I joined Epoch in 2016 as a Facility Nurse in Epoch’s Assisted Living facility in Gurgaon (named Vermeer). Little did I know at that time that my journey with Epoch would lead me to certain...

Saju Thomas

Facility Manager, Monet House

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My internship at Epoch- one with a difference

As a third year undergraduate, I joined Epoch Elder Care as an intern in the marketing team. This was the first time that I had heard of this kind of assisted living and dementia care in India and was unsure of what to expect. Due to the pandemic, the last few months had felt empty...

Diya Chadha

Marketing Intern

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My journey of multiple roles at Epoch

I want to share my journey so far with Epoch Elder Care. I started my journey as a care attendant with Epoch’s Monet house at Pune location on 15th May 2016 and sab kuch naya tha mere liye (everything was new to me). It was a great year well spent at Monet house; and...

Amar Kumar

Office Assistant

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Looking beyond the textbook

My name is Aditi Sharma and I am a research intern at Epoch Elder Care. Currently, I am completing my masters in clinical psychology from Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce, Pune. I am a mental health research aspirant who...

Aditi Sharma

Research Intern

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Caring for our team members: A key Epoch value

Epoch homes are humble abodes for elders who need care round the clock. Most of our elders come and stay with us for life. And that’s why our aim is to facilitate happy and healthy ageing for all our residents, give them the best quality of physical and...

Karina Dhamija

Head - Human Resource

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Dadi's nail polish!

I have been working as a senior facility nurse at Epoch for more than 2 years now. During these years, I loved this job more than anything. I got a good start on interacting with my residents every day. I watched and participated in many activities and therapies with all my beloved residents....

Jency Alukka

Facility Manager, Vermeer House

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Creating Smiles and Memories: My Time with Epoch Residents

Epoch Elder Care for providing me and all the volunteers with the opportunity to work closely with the elderly residents and experience the immense joy it brings.

Sanya Garewal

Clinical Prosthetist and Orthotist (Volunteer at Epoch Elder Care)

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Epoch - My Second Home

I am grateful to my team that supported me during the initial months and made my learning easier and now Epoch feels like my second home.

Jency Alukka

Facility Manager, Vermeer house

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Finding Peace and Comfort through Spiritual Sessions: A Heartfelt Journey of Elderly Caregiving

Spiritual sessions help dementia elders with a sense of peace and comfort, helping them connect with their spirituality and find solace in their faith. At Epoch, we have elderly residents with dementia.

Ram Sharma

Facility Manager, Frida House

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“Elders - right to live with dignity”

Having worked for over two and half decades with the best 5 star hotels nationally and Internationally, life was full of action. Ensuring quality and standards are met, for Country Heads, dignitaries, political leaders, people from the glamour industry and visiting guests, were...

Sunil Sharma

Head Of Asset Management

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My plate of love for seniors

My long association as a seasoned Food & Beverage Manager, with world’s best luxury hospitality properties and resorts, has taught me how to exceed the expectations of all kinds of guests. But, catering to elderly residents at Epoch Elder Care has given me an opportunity...

Jagdish Rewar

Food & Beverage Manager

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Growing up around elders

This is a true story experience about my daughter which I would like to share. I served in the Army as a Short Service Commission Officer. The experience of Indian Army made me strong enough to make my own decisions without anyone’s involvement. But, still...

Prasita Nair & Manya

Head of Clinical Operations

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