Got a chance of penning down my experience with Epoch and I am quite nervous…!

I have lived my life with Epoch for the last 3 years. It has been an amazing journey. I have seen people work day and night selflessly, beyond their call of duty. I am an electronics engineer by profession and often people ask me how & why am I here. The answer has always been : Passion and the pleasure & satisfaction one gets when caring for others. Epoch is full of such people and I am lucky to be part of such a wonderful team.

When I was hired I had a dual role of an HR & Sales Manager which gave me an opportunity to connect with a lot of people (which I love) , from choosing the right candidate to getting a family on-board. When it comes to hiring, we cannot afford to get a wrong person onboard. I sincerely feel one has to have ‘care’ in their DNA, to be able to work with us. It was my role to screen genuine and caring people who want to make a difference in an elderly’s life and many a times this was very tough.

As the Sales and Onboarding Manager, my role has been very interesting because I quickly realised that the role is much more than just “sales”. It is about establishing relationships and not mere rapport. I have always lived and been part of the journey with a family since the very first call. From taking enquiries, to planning and motivating families to visit us, hand holding the transition to Epoch for not just the resident but the entire family, I have loved all the experiences. I have seen families get emotional and break down, face dilemmas, guilt, relief, happiness and I have been with them through it all.

It has rarely been an easy choice for families to take such a big step in their lives to move their parents to an elder care home. At times, the social stigma attached to the thought makes it even more difficult. I hear from a lot of families during their decision making process, that they do feel the guilt of sending their parents ‘away’. But there have also been families who are very aware and have truly understood the value and the difference professional care can make in their parents’ life. There is a strong need of us speaking in open and spreading awareness. With so many Indians moving abroad, it has become difficult for children to look after their parents at home. Hiring carers at home is even more challenging as somebody has to be there to monitor their work and ensure the same person shows up everyday.

By helping them overcome their fears and see the larger picture I feel I can truly solve a problem .for a family. I truly believe that the way Epoch functions is right from the heart and this makes it very easy for me to convey my conviction to the families.

I strongly believe in the saying by Jason Goldberg, (Founder & CEO of Fab)

“SALES Go up and down,

SERVICE Stays forever”

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