Our homes

We understand that moving out of one’s own home can be a difficult choice. So, at Epoch, we make each of our homes as homely as possible.

All our homes are elder-friendly. The design sense of Epoch homes is to make them feel as home-like as possible in all aspects, such as the design of living and dining areas and of each room, thoughtfully picked furniture, decor items, lighting, and colours of common areas and rooms.

Our homes have large bedrooms, are elderly-friendly, have elevator access, and have all the amenities the elderly will require, including TV, air conditioning, power-backup, heaters, laundry services, etc.

Currently, Epoch operates 6 homes in India:

Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR

Currently, Epoch operates 4 homes in Delhi NCR (Gurugram):
Vermeer house, Frida house, Vincent house and Gustav house

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Epoch homes in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR


Currently, Epoch operates 2 home in Pune:
Monet house, Picasso house

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Epoch home in Pune

Team at our homes

Each Epoch home is professionally managed by a live-in facility manager who is an experienced senior nurse, along with a team of registered nurses, care assistants, housekeepers, laundry professionals, cooks, kitchen staff, security guards, volunteers and social workers. Our staff is well trained in elder and dementia care, and dedicated to providing compassionate care for seniors.

Learn more about Epoch ecosystem.

Epoch ecosystem

Epoch Elder Care is helmed by Neha Sinha as the Co-founder and CEO. Epoch homes are overseen by our Head of Clinical Operations, Prasita Nair.

Learn more about our thought leadership team.

Our thought leadership

Here are some of Neha's (co-founder & CEO) musings capturing the various pieces needed to make an Epoch home feel & sense as home-like as possible!

Caregiving is not a gendered role!

In most cultures, caregiving is traditionally seen as a female’s role. We have expected, perceived & encouraged women to be the primary nurturers of an ecosystem. Even when we hire external help, it is the female...

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Hobbies - your multivitamins for ageing

When we are taking down life histories of a new lady elderly resident at our Epoch homes, the conversation stays focused on all that she has done for her family, and what a fabulous traditional...

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Flexibility & processes go hand in hand

When managing a team, large or small, flexibility and processes are actually two sides of the same coin. An approach that has always worked for me, is to make my team understand what is the goal and mission...

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