Our caregiving approach

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honour.

-Tia Walker

Caregiving at Epoch

Caregiving at Epoch

Caregiving requires owning complete responsibility for the senior’s wellbeing. It is a rewarding job. A lot of patience and training goes into becoming a caregiver.

At Epoch, we approach our caregiving with the utmost sense of responsibility, laid on the foundation of evidence, experience & expertise. We focus on the person as much as the clinical condition. Our aim is to uphold every elderly individual’s dignity, ensure person-centered care & quality of life, whilst giving them a purposeful living.

Here are some blogs and articles capturing the essence of caregiving approach, the Epoch way.

However, caring for seniors can sometimes be exhaustive and caregivers might face burnout. Take from our expertise- on how to manage & deal with such circumstances.

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How to prevent caregiver burnout in dementia care

Caregiving for people with dementia is in many ways more challenging than looking after somebody with a physical condition. This is because when you look after someone with dementia, you end up...

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Neha Sinha, Co-founder & CEO, Epoch Elder Care, shares her thoughts on various aspects of profusely engaging with the elderly through caregiving. Here are some of the expressions captured in her musings, have a look!


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