What is assisted living?

Frequently called "old age homes" in India, assisted living homes provide housing and care for seniors who require help with day-to-day living but are not yet in need of 24X7 medical attention.

The requirement of assisted living care for every elderly depends on their medical condition and the level of daily assistance and care they need. The care scale that we cater ranges from low to high level depending on comorbidities like vascular or heart disease, parkinson’s, neurodegenerative conditions, progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic kidney disease (CKD), musculoskeletal disorders, chronic cardiac failure, and others.

Basic nursing care is one of the integrated & advanced parts of assisted living. Depending upon good quality care, an elderly who needs a high level of nursing care can move to a lower level of care needs. Many of our elders have come directly from the hospital to Epoch homes to continue recovering after an illness, injury, or surgery. Our facility nurses provide basic nursing care for those who need it including ryle's tube feeding, bed sore management, catheterization, cannulization, intravenous medications, wound dressing, etc.

Key aspects of Epoch assisted living care

At Epoch, we provide high-quality, person-centered care that enables elders to live meaningful lives. We cater to each individual’s preferences and respect their choices throughout the continuum of care.

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Daily assistance

Our trained team of caregivers aid residents with their activities of daily living such as walking, grooming, bathing, toileting, assistance with meals, etc. It also includes catering as per personalised care plans for each resident, assisted exercise programmes, and assistance in physiotherapy sessions.

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24 X 7 Care

Each Epoch home has a live-in facility manager, and the staff is on day and night shifts. This ensures that caregivers are available around the clock to manage care and attend to emergencies. 24x7 care also includes management of nutrition & hydration: nutritious personalised meals as per health condition, managing hospital visits & appointments, laundry, housekeeping, and transportation.

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Basic nursing care

Our facility nurses provide basic nursing care for those who need it including Ryle's tube feeding, bed sore management, catheterization, cannulization, wound dressing etc.

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Emergency Management

Our facility managers & nurses are equipped in managing emergencies at the facility. The first line of treatment (if required) is given at the facility by the registered nurses in the facility on the advice of the facility physicians / treating doctors, and as per the condition transferred to the nearest hospital.

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Medication Management

We use medicine to manage medical conditions. Our nurses try to keep it minimal and administer it as per prescription.

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Social Engagement

We provide a supportive atmosphere, frequent one-to-one attention, assisted outings, and a calendar full of activities to ensure each resident is socially engaged through recreational activities customized as per resident history, preferences & needs. We also help our elderlies continue their choice of engagement through colourful hobbies. Music acts as an important medium to facilitate daily activities as well as social engagement.

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Seeking Appropriate Care for the Elderly

Prasita Nair, Head of Clinical Operations

The elderly need specialized care as they age. It is important for the family members to seek professional advice for their loved one; whether it is care at home, or care in an assisted elder care facility.

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Prasita Nair, Head of Clinical Operations

In the 21st century ‘assisted living’ or ‘retirement homes’ for the elderly are no more alien words; but there are a lot of thoughts, emotions and big decisions behind these simple words. Typically we start looking for a home for seniors when day to day life for them becomes a...

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7 Aspects of Holistic Care at Epoch

Prasita Nair, Head of Clinical Operations

Caring for elderly individuals requires a holistic approach that addresses their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. At Epoch Elder Care, we deeply understand the importance of considering various aspects of their care to enhance their quality of life and promote overall well-being.

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