Epoch Elder Care provides high quality care homes for seniors who require assistance in their activities of daily living. We provide long-term & short-term assisted living services such as 24x7 dementia care, parkinson's disease care, dementia day care, palliative care, basic nursing care, recovery & rehabilitation, that enable seniors to live meaningful lives.

We believe in focusing on the person as much
as the medical condition.

Our care and services

The Epoch experience

When you choose Epoch assisted living facilities, you are actively choosing to provide your elderly loved ones with the best possible standards of care.

We believe that it is our duty to care for our elders responsibly, to treat them with dignity, and to provide them with the highest level of care possible.

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Caring for someone with dementia can often be a challenge. With more than 10 years of relevant experience, Epoch’s Dementia Care Program is focused on providing high quality person-centered care for all types & stages of dementia.

Epoch homes located in Pune & Delhi NCR (Gurugram)

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At Epoch, our elderly residents move in to stay with us for life. We understand that leaving your own home is never an easy decision, therefore, we try our best to provide our services in a ‘home-like’ environment, through our design-sense, care & services.

Epoch homes located in Pune & Delhi NCR (Gurugram)

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Epoch care homes

Vermeer house (Gurugram)

Equipped to care for seniors with a wide variety of care requirements, including those who are socially active, have dementia or mobility issues.

25 rooms (next to Golf Course road).

Independent house in the heart of the city.

Open space & multiple activity areas.

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Frida house (Gurugram)

A personalized independent villa within secured premises, Frida is one of our care homes for seniors catering to their care requirements of all kinds, especially for the ones with dementia.

18 rooms (single or double and twin-sharing with ample common space).

Spacious rooms in quiet neighbourhood overlooking greenery from its wide windows.

Dedicated designed dementia corners to facilitate engagement and activities.

Open ventilated space - large balconies and garden (inside premises plus a community garden close by).

Passageways that facilitate the condition of wandering which occurs in dementia.

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Vincent house (Gurugram)

An independent house replicating a home-like environment for close and supervised care. With the caring capacity of 18 elders, Vincent House is mindfully designed to enhance the quality of life of elders. The offering include long-term & short-term services that enable seniors to live meaningful lives.

14 rooms with an activity area to facilitate engagement.

Located in a lush green, quiet neighborhood with proximity to multi specialty hospitals.

Thoughtfully designed infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and accessibility for the elderly residents.

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Gustav house (Gurugram)

A perfect blend of comfort, care and warmth, designed to be the ideal home for the care of your elderly loved ones.

30 rooms single & double occupancy

At the center of Gurugram surrounded by residential area.

Dedicated play area and a multipurpose room for engaging our residents

Healthcare facilities around 05 minutes drive

Around 30 minutes away from Delhi airport

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Monet house (Pune)

A cluster of apartments dedicated to caring for seniors with varying stages of dementia. The cosy environment of Epoch Care Home in Pune allows caregivers to carefully manage each individual's needs.

Rooms available with single or double occupancy.

High-end apartments with large balconies & windows overlooking the Mula Mutha river.

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Picasso House (Pune)

Epoch Picasso House is nestled on a hilltop, away from the chaotic rhythm of the city, as a reminder of a simpler, more harmonious life for your elders. In this haven, your elderly loved ones can experience the best-in-class Epoch-benchmark care and spend their lives in the tranquility they've always deserved.

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27 rooms Single and double

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Surrounded with Lush greenery

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Open terrace dinning

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People at Epoch

Well-trained team

Our team is our pride! We at Epoch firmly believe in investing in the development of our team members through quality training, mentorship programs, and identifying & dealing with caregiver burnout. Our ever-growing team on-ground takes pleasure in what we do, understands their roles and responsibilities, and how these fit in the larger picture of aiding our elderlies. Our passionate, energetic, and committed personnel provide an overall ecosystem that is best suited for our elderly residents.

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Co-founder & CEO, Epoch Elder Care

The world views the elders’ lives in shades of gray &
silver but I believe in a palette full of colors!

Why us?

Evidence-based practices

We follow globally benchmarked evidence-based practices to provide care & services for our residents.

Our clients' experiences


Founded in January 2012, Epoch has more than 10 years of relevant experience in assisted living & dementia care in India for elders.

Our care & services


Epoch has the expertise of an on-ground professional team, with trained care team & domain specialists in the support functions.

About us

Media mentions

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"Establishing and nurturing inclusivity is crucial for enhancing the quality of life for individuals with dementia" - Neha Sinha

Since our inception in 2012, our journey has been dedicated to continual learning, aiming to provide a holistic, care offering for elders who need assistance in their daily activities.

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Fading Memories: Breaking the Stigma of Dementia and Illuminating Hope

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Palliative care for elders

Death is inevitable; as living beings, dying is a normal part of our life cycle. Most people at some point of their lives would have thought about ‘how they want to pass away’. It is always...

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Caregiving is not a gendered role!

In most cultures, caregiving is traditionally seen as a female’s role. We have expected, perceived & encouraged women to be the primary nurturers of an ecosystem. Even when we hire external help, it is the female...

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Hobbies - your multivitamins for ageing

When we are taking down life histories of a new lady elderly resident at our Epoch homes, the conversation stays focused on all that she has done for her family, and what a fabulous traditional...

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Flexibility & processes go hand in hand

When managing a team, large or small, flexibility and processes are actually two sides of the same coin. An approach that has always worked for me, is to make my team understand what is the goal and mission...

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