Palliative Care

Palliative Care, also known as end of life care, is a crucially integrated part of person-centered health service. During a terminal and serious illness, palliative care focuses on the person and the family - on improving the quality of life by emphasizing on relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress.

Relieving serious health-related suffering of an individual, be it physical, psychological, social, or spiritual, is a global ethical responsibility. Thus, whether the cause of suffering is cardiovascular disease, cancer, major organ failure, drug-resistant tuberculosis, severe burns, end-stage chronic illness, acute trauma, extreme birth prematurity or extreme frailty of old age, palliative care may be needed and has to be available at all levels of care. (Source: WHO)

Palliative care at Epoch

Most of the elderlies who come to Epoch, stay in our assisted living homes for life. Ageing is a natural process and occurs over a period of time, many-a-times with comorbidities, and/or chronic/terminal illnesses. As years go by and they age, many of the elders at our Epoch homes may have to be switched to a palliative care plan.

Our Epoch care team/consultant geriatrician advises and guides the families in planning and managing the end of life care of their elderly loved ones. In all these years at our Epoch homes, many times, we have stood by the side of our elder residents and their families, and have comforted and supported them, as the elderies pass away gently & peacefully.

Our palliative care/end of life plan is philosophy based. It focuses on preserving the elderly’s quality of life as much as possible, keeping in mind the individual’s/family’s wishes and preferences. Our aim is to ensure that they are comfortable, free of pain, surrounded by a lot of warmth, love and care. At the end of life stage, dignity and respect for the elderly is absolutely critical to all of us.

In our palliative/end of life care, we focus on:

Key aspects

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Pain management

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Symptoms management

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Skin care

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Coordination with doctors

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Nutrition management

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Family support & communication

Sharing from Epoch's experience, some blogs and articles that explain the importance & management of end-of-life care.

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“Elders - Right To Live With Dignity”

Sunil Sharma, Head Of Asset Management

Having worked for over two and half decades with the best 5 star hotels nationally and Internationally, life was full of action. Ensuring quality and standards are met, for Country Heads, dignitaries, political leaders, people from the glamour industry and visiting guests, were...

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Growing Up Around Elders

Prasita Nair & Manya, Head of Clinical Operations

This is a true story experience about my daughter which I would like to share. I served in the Army as a Short Service Commission Officer. The experience of Indian Army made me strong enough to make my own decisions without anyone’s involvement.

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My plate of love for seniors

Jagdish Rewar, Food & Beverage Manager

My long association as a seasoned Food & Beverage Manager, with world’s best luxury hospitality properties and resorts, has taught me how to exceed the expectations of all kinds of guests. But, catering to elderly residents at Epoch Elder Care has given me an opportunity...

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Finding Peace and Comfort through Spiritual Sessions: A Heartfelt Journey of Elderly Caregiving

Ram Sharma, Facility Manager, Frida House

Spiritual sessions help dementia elders with a sense of peace and comfort, helping them connect with their spirituality and find solace in their faith. At Epoch, we have elderly residents with dementia.

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Epoch - My Second Home

Jency Alukka, Facility Manager, Vermeer house

I am grateful to my team that supported me during the initial months and made my learning easier and now Epoch feels like my second home.

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Creating Smiles and Memories: My Time with Epoch Residents

Sanya Garewal, Clinical Prosthetist and Orthotist (Volunteer at Epoch Elder Care)

Epoch Elder Care for providing me and all the volunteers with the opportunity to work closely with the elderly residents and experience the immense joy it brings.

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