Pricing for residing in one of our assisted living homes varies depending on single occupancy or double occupancy, a short term stay or long term stay. Prices also vary depending on the level of care your elderly loved one needs. The pricing includes round the clock care, activities of daily living (ADL) support, nutrition, medication management, nursing care, activities and housekeeping.

Good care comes at a price. In India's nascent assisted living industry, many believe that good care can be attained at a low price. However, as operators with more than ten years of experience, we can confidently say that that is not true – especially in assisted living for dementia care, basic nursing care, palliative care, and recovery & rehabilitation care.

Based on our holistic & person centered care philosophy, the pricing for residing in our assisted living homes is based on the personal needs of your elderly family member. Our experienced, educated and adequately staffed and trained teams in our Epoch homes take care of your elderly loved ones.

Levels of care:

Depending on the care requirements of the elderly, our care level ranges from low, medium to high. More often care levels are determined based on the situation & overall management of the condition.

  • Low-level care: for elderlies who require ADL care, and are semi-dependent or bed-ridden.
  • Mid-level care: for elderlies who require assistance with all their activities, constant monitoring if necessary.
  • High-level care: for elderlies who require monitoring 24x7, need dedicated attention, and require frequent hospital visits.
The level of care is concluded after the process of medical assessment by our nursing team, after getting all the medical details with documents of the elderly.

The level of care is flexible and also depends on the amount of emotional engagement & dependence, mobility issues, and the elderlies’ night-time routine.

Term of stay

  • Long-term stay: when residents sign an 11-month contract.
  • Short-term stay: any time frame less than 11 months with a minimum of 1 month.

Type of room

  • Single occupancy is when one elderly resides in their own room.
  • Double occupancy is when 2 elderlies who are related, are in one room (e.g., husband, wife, siblings).
  • Twin sharing is when an elderly will share a room with another elderly, who is not related.

Service fee

  • The service fee will be determined only after the medical assessment.
  • It is dependent on level of care, term of stay and type of room.
  • The approximate service fee per month ranges from INR 83,000 - INR 2,00,000 excluding GST (currently @18%).
  • There will be a refundable security deposit, which is used in case of emergencies.
  • A petty cash amount of INR 25000* is used for consumption and is kept with the care team at all times.

The above service fee includes:

Determining the pricing

The actual pricing would be decided only after the medical assessment is done by our team. There is a detailed process of medical assessment, where our nursing team physically sees and assesses the condition of the elderly, and also reviews the necessary medical documents. Our nursing team meets the elderly in person (either at their residence, or at the hospital, as required), if in Delhi/NCR or Pune, or else it is over a video call for other locations.


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