Epoch - A name that defines an era of development and sweet memories and after spending 6 months here, I believe this place truly justifies its meaning.

I am Aditi and I manage “On-Boarding and Customer Relations” at Epoch Elder Care. In my 6 years of work experience, I was always into Relationship Management roles and had predefined goals and KRA’s, which are standard across most industries. For a long time, I was looking for something new, something challenging and something refreshing. I came across Epoch in the most unprecedented times possible, I was going through a lot of lows in my life personally and professionally and somehow I started to feel that I kind of lost the meaning and purpose in life. Little did I know that I would love each day at work here.

My last 6 months at Epoch Elder Care have been really enriching. They were full of highs and lows and I almost feel like I have been a part of the company since ages - great energy around and amazing people to work with! They are more than just coworkers, there is a lot of respect and kindness for each other, and the company culture encourages meaningful interactions between colleagues. I think the best part is that everybody’s work is co-related and you are aware of everything that is happening in the organization. Your focus is not just your work, it’s also how we could improve together as a unit. Each team member has immense opportunity to work outside their predefined roles. We are all often working together and there is an emphasis on brainstorming, feedback and innovation. People are highly adaptive and so open to feedback.

In India, sending parents and grandparents to an Old Age Home is considered a taboo and I think my knowledge about such facilities was just restricted to this wide held notion. I did not know that a concept of “Assisted Living, Dementia Care Facilities” actually exists in India. After coming here, my perspective towards life changed 360*. I think I have grown a lot as a person in such little time and I am learning everyday.

Coming from a joint family background, I always wanted to do something for the elderly and I feel so overwhelmed to be a part of such a great cause. It's a different world altogether. People are extremely empathetic and helpful towards everybody’s needs and are just so full of love. They go all out to provide the utmost level of care to any elderly staying here. Nobody is a “Patient”, they are all Nana, Nani, Aunty, Uncle, Dadi and Dadi for everyone. It feels like I found another joint family for myself!

The work we do here is so different and extremely personalised. Coming from a sales background, I struggled a bit in the beginning with the way we write emails, the way we respond to our clients, the way we greet and meet them. It is all so crucial to us and that is how we differentiate ourselves from others. I am still learning and trying to be on top of things. This work really keeps me on my toes, but I like where it is taking me.

My role is not just restricted to making sales and generating revenue. In fact, it's just the other way round. For me, it's not about selling something, it's about earning every ounce of love and respect that we receive from our residents and their families. We do think of a larger picture, but only after capturing and enhancing the smaller ones. I connect with so many people everyday and am touched by their stories. The only thought which comes to my mind is how can we make their lives better and beautiful. Listening to our residents and spending time with them, makes me feel a little more human and I am taken back to those golden times with my grandparents. I feel I belong here and I definitely feel destiny played a big role.

When at the end of the day you go back home thinking, you made a family happy and they bless you with the most kind words possible, trust me, it's all worth it! I am glad Epoch happened in the times when I needed it the most and it’s making me a better individual with each passing day!

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