Difficult Decisions

It is not (and never has been) an easy decision for children to move their parents to an elder home, especially in India, where this continues to be a taboo and is against the traditional values of our Indian culture. This difficult decision-making process of moving your loved one to an assisted living home can be emotionally draining, and in most households, close members of the family are also involved.

At Epoch Elder Care, we understand your turmoil and we are here with you, to walk down this path. We will closely interact with you to understand your needs and apprehensions and provide you relevant advice and counselling. At each step of the way, we will be your trustworthy support system, even before your loved one is welcomed in our Home as an Epoch resident - learning and knowing your loved ones - every phase of their life, their smallest need, building their personalised care plan based on the identified details, and knowing more of the elderly’s, likes and dislikes, since for us, nothing is too small!

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Seeking Appropriate Care for the Elderly

The elderly need specialized care as they age. It is important for the family members to seek professional advice for their loved one; whether it is care at home, or care in an assisted elder care facility.

Prasita Nair

Head of Clinical Operations

During the transition and moving-in to our Assisted Living Homes,we will be there to assist you at every step. The admission process has been designed in a manner to facilitate the decision making process and familiarise the elderly with our homes. It includes all the steps from viewing of home to finalising transition details, to paperwork, whether the elderly or the family members are local or outstation, be it from any other city or state or country.

Transitioning into an Epoch Home

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Our clients’ experiences
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