Being an observant to many small and mid-size businesses for past decade, when a business still awes you, it is definitely worth a shout out. I haven’t taken as much pride in any of the other entities I worked with, than announcing to the world about Epoch. With the profession I am in, our way of achieving something professionally is linked with success of the clients. What most of the clients achieve and primarily talk about is targets being met, profitability, return on equity etc., while Epoch evaluates customer experiences, care quality and dignity of elderly on the same platform as the financial metrics. As a business, it sounds so mind boggling that there is an entity with ultra-limited resources and they still do not keep making money as their only objective.

And hence, my association with Epoch takes a special place whenever I need to tell people what I do for a living.

All these years of my life until 5 years ago, when I met Neha for the first time, I didn’t even know what Dementia meant. Having been born and brought up in a lesser-known place in Bihar, you would never hear about these conditions too. I was being onboarded for a very specific complicated regulatory matter primarily and I was scheduled to be at Epoch once every week. I did my job day-in and day-out until gradually I started to feel what is happening around. In a span of short time, I got to understand that making a choice to send your parents in a home like Epoch is far against and beyond the usual taboo created by society. A place like Epoch is only going to make the lives of your parents more comfortable and give them the specialised care that they need. Given a choice today and if need be, I will definitely not think twice before opting for Epoch for my own mother.

As an outsider principally, I have witnessed Epoch approach the smallest of problems and situations very systematically and celebrate smallest milestones with so much grandeur. I can say this with a lot of conviction- because in our fast-moving lives, some festivals have lost their charm and they are merely another holiday or a long weekend. Without fail and in all the years, I have witnessed that Epoch just doesn’t celebrates all festivals but all birthdays, farewells and lives of everybody they are associated, with equal zeal.

All that I talk about here is not momentary. It has been practiced for years and runs in the veins of this wonderful place. The carpet is bright red and has been laid up ahead. Let us all hold our head high as nobody I know resonates the same dose of passion for what they believe in.

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