Year 2020- fresh batch out of University, in the most unexpected pandemic times, from everything going online and staying in lockdown- there were a lot of new challenges that started to build in my life. That year was a time when the entire world was preparing to battle the pandemic but on the other side I was also preparing myself to begin my professional career. I started my work as a freelancer in graphic design and post-production works, but I was still waiting for my first breakthrough in the corporate world.

October 2020, was the time when I started my career at Epoch Elder Care as a content creator. It was a whole lot of excitement because finally it was the time I was waiting all along!

I believe we all live two different lives, first is when we start thinking that we only have one life and after the realization of the same we start our second life!

At the beginning, I was a bit nervous on how everything would turn out for me here. I started thinking a lot about the new work and responsibilities which I was about to get into, and whether I would be able to make it up to the mark or not. There was always a fear inside of me that getting into corporate life will make my art work and skills stay limited and sooner or later my curiosity for exploring more into different areas of work will disappear. I am always more into creating visual content than textual, because for me, it’s always been the aim to show people a different perspective of things through my visual representation. At Epoch Elder Care, it came to me as one of the biggest opportunities to not only extend my vision and share my perspective with a wider audience, but also to understand and learn more from the experts themselves.

There are always challenges in every work, but when there is dedication and mindset to overcome these challenges, along with guidance of your team, everything is possible!

At Epoch, I actually got an opportunity to gain more skills and experience in the marketing world. Having team members as guardians has always helped me grow more as a person and also pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

From the beginning, there was learning from every work, every single day. There was never a barrier to stop me from exploring and learning more about other functions. Handling projects at this early stage of my career was something which no one expects to give to a fresher in any ‘regular’ corporate life. I think that helped me a lot to achieve and improve my vision and ethics and to look at the depth of work I can dive into.

Every single day there is a whole new learning which we take home. Every resident here is like a world to me, and at Epoch everyday it’s my goal to make my world more beautiful by giving them the quality of life they deserve. Everyday, when I come to work, the very first thing that happens is the smiles and greetings I receive from the elderly residents, which makes me feel like I am coming back home from work. Interacting with them feels like they are my own family members which makes me more attached to them. Every resident is an uncle-aunty, dada-dadi, bua-maasi, it’s like a big joint family here, which I never had in my life, which is why it makes me more happy to spend time with them and to work for their happiness and love.

Wow!, it’s October again, it’s going to be an entire year of me working at Epoch Elder Care! Still feels like I joined here yesterday only. I am super proud of this last one year journey! There were ups and downs, many new challenges but learning from my mistakes and overcoming the challenges and most importantly learning to never give up on anything and keep pushing yourself harder was the best part of it. I am blessed to have such a beautiful team along with me in my journey. It’s just the beginning here, but I know it’s going to be a wonderful ride all along. Just like there is no place like home, for me there is no place like Epoch! That is why whenever I leave in the evening there is a sweet gesture I share with everyone including our residents; and that’s not a ‘goodbye’ but it’s ‘see you till next time’!

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