When I joined Epoch Elder Care in 2014 as an Assistant Manager Finance, I was not sure that my journey at Epoch would go on for so long and so smoothly. It is now 6 years and counting!

At the beginning, working at Epoch was a new environment for me, something very different compared to my previous work experiences. I never imagined that caregiving (just like the way we care for our grandparents) can also be a service provided by an organization. Wired in a way in our great Indian culture, respecting elders and caring old ones in our family is quite usual for me, but the fact that serving those who are not related to you could be possible and hugely rewarding… this I have realized here at Epoch to the core!

Gradually I started to enjoy the work, and it has been a totally different experience for me. Here at Epoch, being a small and growing team, we all have crafted various departments by ourselves. We created the processes for each of the departments by helping each other, and it is just like we help each other in our family. As finance is the backbone of every organization and being a part of it, it is my duty to manage the expenses and funds, so that the company should be profitable. At Epoch, I have seen many times that we first look after the requirements of our elderlies and caregivers; and the organization is not always first looking at profits. The Epoch culture makes the concerns for elderlies win often over the promising excel sheets of profits. Here, I have realized that only profit in terms of money is not sufficient; but with that, maintaining smiles on wrinkled faces brings a chain of truly amazing and satisfying moments in your life. At Epoch, I have learnt that money is important but it’s not everything!

Though I am not directly involved with the residents and their activities, I can easily feel and sense how our caregivers are devoting their time for our elder residents. Epoch is like a home for our elderlies, as well as for the staff. Epoch made me realize that merely providing shade and walls of stone and bricks does not make a house as a home, but it is our human touch and interconnected behavior which builds a family where each one cares for each other naturally. Here at Epoch, we don’t call our residents only by their name, rather we call them as we call our grandparents-Dadi, Nani, Nana (or whatever they are being called in their own home). While balancing the books of the company whenever I feel exhausted, I generally take a break and go for a round in the resident activity area, which helps me restock and refresh myself!

Whenever I tell anyone that I am working at Epoch, I always hear from them that it is a very unique and good cause, which really motivates me. Presently Epoch is not known by everyone… but, one day, it will definitely be!

In my six years of this journey at Epoch, I have never seen the management taking any decision on their own; but rather, they respect and offer the space required for fruitful results. Suggestions of every employee matter equally to them and each one of us feels a sense of responsibility for our roles. At Epoch, I have never felt that I am working in any corporate, rather I feel that it is a homely environment, and a noble cause for which we all are working. I must say here, that at Epoch, nobody works under pressure or with time constraints; we are free to work as per our own flow. Everyone is encouraged to improve their skills- professionally and personally. These reasons have motivated me to be at Epoch for the last six years, and I wish to be here for multiple years to come!

I must say that working at Epoch is a life-time experience and I truly believe that everyone should have this experience.

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