Hello everyone! I am very excited that I have completed one and half years at Epoch Elder Care, and there are lots of amazing memories which I have earned from my Epoch family in these last 18 months! On one hand, I am a very introverted person,and on the other hand, I also love to interact with new people. One of my friends advised me "why don’t you join the hospitality industry, you are totally made for that industry", and I worked in F&B at hotels for 6 years. In the hotel industry we served food to the guests with etiquette & decorum.

Here, in Epoch, I have learnt how to serve food with emotion, love & affinity. When I joined Epoch, I was excited that my role was going to be multifaceted - within my genre of F&B. I would be handling not only making diet and nutrition plans, but also using F&B as a tool for engagement for our elderly residents.

In the beginning, these were completely new tasks for me. It is truly amazing when you love your work as a worship, because here you have to care & serve the loveable elderlies. Over the last 18 months I love my work, and even more when I work with our wonderful elderly residents. Food & care are the heart of every human being, and Epoch has set a milestone in providing person-centered care through food and beverage. I learnt from my mentor how to make a healthy and nutritious diet for our elderly, like a diabetic diet, weight loss, less protein, carbs diet & healthy diet. That’s my new learning in menu planning & diet making. It always feels right to mix the right amount of nutrition and flavours to prepare a delicious meal! It’s good to see that our elders engage in activities and participate in them. I am a creative person, and adding creativity to my work is very exciting. Every day, I think about what more I can do for our elderly and this makes me happy. So, we schedule different activities every week; like potting plants, stringing pasta, cutting & stamping food, making food pyramids, doing food carving, picking food with chopsticks and many more activities for our elderly. I learn life lessons & life values when I interact with our elderly, they always admire my efforts. It's great when I am talking to our elderlies, and among them, I talk to an uncle who tells me the importance of discipline in life, how to always plan your goals, and he always motivates me. We have a cooperative & energetic team who always guides me towards the right path. They always help me to come up with nice activity ideas for our residents, and with my creativity, I make beautiful and engaging activities.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful support, for accepting me in the Epoch family and always supporting & motivating me. I wish to do more new creative, fun-loving engagement activities for our dear elders keeping in mind their nutrition intake through food and beverage. This is just the beginning for me. I want to learn and earn more knowledge and good memories from Epoch!

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