In most cultures, caregiving is traditionally seen as a female’s role. We have expected, perceived & encouraged women to be the primary nurturers of an ecosystem. Even when we hire external help, it is the female Didi that we first think of. 

On the other hand, I believe, caregiving as a skill set is part of your DNA- you are either built this way or not. It needs unending empathy and simply the ability to prioritise someone else’s need over yours. In my quest for perpetually looking out for caregivers at Epoch, I have more often than not come across some wonderful men who have taken up this challenging job of looking after elders and done it beautifully. I have also seen women who completely lack this DNA!

At Epoch homes, we have more male than female facility nurses taking care of our elders. I see on a daily basis how our male nurses have wonderful people’s skills- they are compassionate, soft and genuinely caring. Most elders reciprocate with the same warmth and comfort to them and a beautiful bond is formed. 

So, a shout out to all the wonderful men out there- someone, somewhere is waiting for hold their hand and say ‘I care’. :) 

We need you to choose, elder care.
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