When managing a team, large or small, flexibility and processes are actually two sides of the same coin. An approach that has always worked for me, is to make my team understand what is the goal and mission of Epoch – why are we here, what are we setting out to do, and how. This then sets the backdrop and helps each member define their own core responsibilities, and the role they will play in helping Epoch achieve our mission. Focusing on the daily task list may be important for a short term goal but it is all about what impact is your work making at the end of each day. 

Micro management, time sheets & no of hours become irrelevant in the larger context. Choose coffee huddles & golgappa parties over formal meetings. Mutually define goals, don’t compromise an inch on your expectation regarding the right things, be a shark when it comes to integrity issues and but give the team all the freedom they want in their everyday work lives... and see the magic happen. :)
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