When we are taking down life histories of a new lady elderly resident at our Epoch homes, the conversation stays focused on all that she has done for her family, and what a fabulous traditional role she has played as a wife, a mother. We have very little information about what her personal interests or hobbies were. In their younger days, she could have been a great writer, or a mimic artist or a dancer, but as decades have gone by, she has forgotten those hobbies, and not had the time or motivation to pick up a new one. 

It is never too late to start sometime new, to explore, to make your life more fulfilling. As you see your parents approach retirement, encourage them to cultivate interests, rekindle passions! This is going to be the most effective medication in the coming years, when stepping out, socialising or having long conversations take a toll. The ability to remain busy and engaged on your own gives a great sense of accomplishment and lessens feelings of dependency- something which most elders aspire for.

It is difficult to pick up a completely new activity when you are 75- you lack the motivation or simply don’t have the energy. But if you have been doing something life long, then all it would need is a little push from family and friends and a long term return on a meaningful life.
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