Our father was a successful, well-respected entrepreneur and a fiercely independent person. Since my brother and I reside in Australia and having lost our mother many years ago, dad lived on his own, comfortably managing his life well into his 80s.

A few years ago, he was diagnosed with rapid onset dementia. From being completely independent and self-sufficient, he became totally dependent for all his daily needs, within a span of a couple of weeks.

As he would need 24x7 care and supervision and in absence of immediate family to look after him, we quickly realized that home-care was not a viable option. We were faced with the seemingly impossible task of finding a facility that would not only look after his daily needs and manage his health condition, but would also provide the level of care, dignity and comfort that he deserved.

We explored many facilities and options. And then we found Epoch! It took only a couple of interactions with Neha and her team and a brief visit of the facilities, to be reassured that we had found the perfect elder care home and environment for our father.

Throughout our father's stay in Epoch, we found their entire team of nurses, support staff and personal carers led by Neha, Prasita and other facility managers, to be extremely competent, compassionate and dedicated. Working to a personalised care plan for dad, his every need was taken care of, whether it was hygienic personal care, dietary requirements, monitoring and managing his various health conditions, doctor’s visits and even hospitalisation – all this while we were thousands of miles away! With regular reports and updates from the team, we were reassured throughout that he was in good hands.

For us, what really stood Epoch apart was that, despite the serious nature of looking after the elderly and the difficult task of managing residents with serious health condition such as dementia, we found the entire staff to be very patient with the residents. Everyone always had a smile on their face, while providing genuinely loving care that only family would. It was a happy environment to be in.

Epoch was our father’s home for the last 15 months of his eventful life and the staff at Epoch was his new family, that cared and looked after him till he breathed his last. We were fortunate and blessed to have Epoch with us, to get us through this extremely difficult and emotional time for our family and we will remain truly grateful to everyone at Epoch, for all that they did for dad and us during his stay there.

We would highly recommend Epoch to anyone who would like to provide quality and loving care for their loved ones. If you would like to know more about our experience with Epoch, we would be happy to speak with you - please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the center.

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