Doing social work or volunteering is not the only way in which you can contribute to the society. You can pick up a career path where you can be ambitious, earn money, make your name, and still make a difference. Elder care is one such exciting & upcoming field. 

When you work with elders, you will soon realise that a little effort from you can make a big difference in their life and put a big smile on their face. Expectations from elders are very often small..fixing the battery remote, sending a whatsapp, finishing errands, clicking a picture or simply holding their hand. You maybe doing your job but you would actually be saving someone’s day (or maybe life)

For instance, let’s say as a digital marketing person your role is to disseminate information or create awareness for a cause. For you, just clicking an elder’s picture and posting it on Instagram would be a 1 minute job but the smile on their face when you show them the picture would be priceless!

Another related area as a career in elder care space is making a difference for the caregivers. Empathy for caregivers and motivating or counselling them is a very valued skill set, not easy to find and you can make a huge impact on the lives of caregivers. There are multiple such avenues in elder care to pick from, to do your bit and go home feeling immensely gratified.
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