As an intern with Epoch, I worked closely with all the residents at both Epoch Assisted Living facilities, i.e Vermeer and Frida and was responsible for observing the behavior that was inhibited by all residents during the socializing time. I was also working with their care staff and together we worked on creating activities for the residents that would help with their motor, sensory and cognitive skills and each task was designed according to the needs of the individual.

My experience here has not only enhanced my psychological knowledge but also has given me an insight about how life is with dementia. As an adolescent, it has helped me gain a new perspective on life! As a psychology student, talking to the elders who are 80+ and observing all the symptoms in a person that were once just words on a page is just the best possible practical exposure any psychology student can get and it becomes extremely helpful for one to have fruitful conversations with people who are diagnosed with dementia.

All the time that I've spent engaging with the residents has also helped me understand how to interact with the elderlies. As a person of this generation, I have discovered brilliant ways to connect with these beautiful oldies! Moreover, daily I observed more about how they have managed to enjoy their life even after their diagnosis and how much they enjoy talking about their past, their achievements and reminisce the good times they spent with their loved ones and that makes me motivated to get the most out of my life and keep my loved ones close.

Epoch has created an environment which feels like home and while offering care for people with dementia, they also offer assisted living and facilities for people suffering from other clinical conditions. This not only helps individuals spend their life in a safe and secure environment with care available 24/7 but it also plays a part in reducing the stigma around dementia and the proper and necessary care which is required.

My time with elders and teams at Epoch homes has helped me figure out a clearer path to pursue my career further. Somewhere in my mid-20s, I would love to see myself doing my best bit for the elder community. And later, when I grey, I would love to look back at my time spent here and probably would be walking in their shoes, educating and interacting with more and more youngsters of the upcoming generations.

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