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Recovery & rehabilitation

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Recovery & rehabilitation

Recovery & rehabilitation

Epoch Elder Care is an assisted living home. It is not a nursing home or hospice. It provides care and assisted living services for any elderly who want to be independent but need some assistance with their activities of daily living. At Epoch, we follow holistic, person-centered care in a home-like environment, focussing on the person as well as the clinical condition. Epoch Elder Care provides a solid relief management system for post-operative care, rehabilitation, and respite care in a home-like environment.

The post-operative period is crucial for a person to recover and regain the strength to come back to his/her normal routines. The person requires medical management as well as psychological support. If this period is not taken care of, there could be a chance that your loved one can land up in the hospital again.

For any patient, recovery and rehabilitation (especially after an operation) are critical. The major issues faced by families after the surgery are:

  • Managing infection spread and its prevention.
  • Noticing signs of allergy and managing medical side-effects.
  • Access to required medical equipments.
  • Chances of missing post-operative reviews.
  • Unavailability of reliable & trained carer or nurses at home.

These crucial periods needed to be taken care seriously. At our assisted living homes, we take care of the physical, emotional and social needs of the elders who are in the post-operative stage, so that they return to a state of normalcy. At Epoch, we focus on improving the quality of life of elders.

Our team comprises skilled, experienced, and registered nurses, who regularly undergo relevant training. Our nurses are experienced in managing elders in need of recovery & rehabilitation and skilled nursing care across various types of ailments. Our nursing team is present 24x7 at Epoch homes and hence are constantly available to take care of any emergencies or special nursing needs that can arise during the day or night.

Types of post-operative recovery care

Post-operative orthopedic recovery care

(After any orthopedic operation such as Total Joint Replacement, total knee replacement, total hip Replacement)

Post-operative cardiac recovery care

(After any cardiac operation such as cardiac catheterization/coronary angiogram, balloon angioplasty, coronary artery stent, coronary artery bypass graft)

Post-operative trauma recovery care

(After trauma surgeries)


At our Epoch Elder Care homes, we offer mainly short term rehabilitation and care for the elderlies after injuries and trauma (these could be limb loss or amputation, fractures, including multiple fractures to the long bones in the limbs and fractures of the hip, spine, or skull, traumatic brain injury, spine injury), diseases and conditions that can cause loss of mobility function (these could be arthritis, stroke, multiple sclerosis), surgery or prolonged treatment for other diseases or illnesses that can cause loss of function (these could include chronic pain, severe infection, cancers - including chemo- and radiation therapies, cardiac arrest, diabetes).

The families of our residents have expressed their feelings and shared their perspectives about Epoch's care throughout their journey.

Sharing from Epoch's experience, some blogs and articles that explain the importance of recovery & rehabilitation care.

Normalizing life after stroke

Prasita Nair, Head of Clinical Operations

A stroke occurs when the blood flow to a part of the brain is stopped due to fragmented blood vessels or blood clots. India is observing an increase in people with stroke and is now ranking as the fourth leading cause of death and the fifth leading cause of...

Management of bedsores for the elderly

Prasita Nair, Head Of Clinical Operations

Bedsores also called pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin. Elders confined to beds or wheelchairs for longer periods are particularly vulnerable to bedsores because of their limited ability to change positions.

Range of care & services at Epoch

Range of care & services at Epoch

We provide long term and short term care & services for elders who require assistance. You can consider the following services as per your loved one’s requirement.

Assisted living



Parkinson's disease care

Recovery & rehabilitation

Range of care & services at Epoch

Range of care & services at Epoch

We provide long term and short term care & services for elders who require assistance. You can consider the following services as per your loved one’s requirement.


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Read about our clients’ experiences
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