Epoch Dementia Care Program

Dementia family consults

Are you struggling with managing your elderly loved one with dementia?

Be at home, or at an eldercare home, if you are still trying your best to find management tips & skilled guidance of sound expertise for your elderly loved one with dementia, Epoch is here to help you with its dementia family consults sessions. Reach out to us and seek multifaceted approaches & practical tips on managing the stages, symptoms & challenging behaviours of dementia. These sessions will help you to adapt your daily lifestyle with your elderly loved one with dementia, and help you decide your actions and way forward.

What is Epoch's dementia family consults?

What is Epoch's dementia family consults?

At Epoch, our dementia management is based on over a decade of on-ground experience, best global based evidence & practices, and the expertise of our Epoch team. Hence, we will be the best to be able to guide and advise you on what is most suitable for your elderly with dementia!

During the Epoch dementia family consults sessions you will:

  • Learn briefly about various types and staging of dementia
  • Understand various types of engagements and their role in dementia management
  • Practical tips on managing challenging behaviours
  • Guidance on managing sleeping and eating disorders
  • Activities and practised mantras to get relief from caregiver burnout
  • Management skills on activities of daily living
  • Get a personalized care plan as per the elderly’s condition

Experts you can consult with

You’ll be interacting with dementia experts with 8-15+ years of practical on-ground experience of taking care of persons with dementia.


Neha Sinha

Co-founder & CEO


Prasita Nair

Head of Clinical Operations


Saju Thomas

Facility Manager, Monet house

3-step personalized service offering


The session is priced at INR 2500 + GST.

If you are interested, book a session with us now!

We also offer in-person consults in Delhi NCR & Pune (India) at INR 3500 + GST.

Download the Epoch Dementia family consults brochure. 


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