Presently, I am working as a Facility Manager in Frida House at Epoch Elder Care . I am very satisfied with this beautiful job profile that keeps me fruitfully engaged with the elderly care.

At Epoch, our philosophy is focused on holistic care, and we strive towards the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our elderly residents. We do different types of activities with our elderly residents in our elder care home. These activities help them improve their social engagement and bring moments of enjoyment and laughter.

A spiritual session is one of the most peaceful and enjoyable times for our residents. When they sing spiritual songs we clearly see the cheerful faces of our residents. It helps to soothe their soul and heal their pain when they rhyme with the name of the Almighty of their faith and culture. It is a beautiful experience to see them clapping and singing different types spiritual songs wholeheartedly,

The sounds and vibrations generate positive energies and make them feel calm and composed. Dementia is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and it can be incredibly challenging for both individuals with dementia and their loved ones. While medical treatments and therapy can help slow down the progression of the disease, many people also find comfort in spiritual practices.

Spiritual sessions help dementia elders with a sense of peace and comfort, helping them connect with their spirituality and find solace in their faith.

At Epoch, we have elderly residents with dementia, and we pay attention to all the little details that fill their lives with vibrant colours. Being a facility manager at Epoch Elder Care Pvt. Ltd. Frida House, I make sure to take care of few important things that improve the quality of residents’ lives at Epoch, take a look at few of them:

1. Choosing the Right Space:

Dementia elders often feel disoriented and confused, so choosing a comfortable and safe space for the session is essential. I ensure that the environment is free from distractions and noise by playing calming music to create a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Incorporate Familiar Religious Practices:

Our residents with dementia often find comfort in familiar routine. We incorporate familiar religious practices into the spiritual session, such as prayers or hymns that our elders may have learned in their childhood.

3. Taking Care of an Elder's Needs:

Individuals with dementia have varying cognitive and physical ability levels. It's important to plan the session to the elder's specific needs, and we ensure to incorporate things like simplifying language, using visual aids, or letting them take a break as per their needs.

4. Encourage Participation:

Spiritual sessions are collaborative in nature and it's important to encourage participation from the elders. We encourage them to contribute to the session by asking them questions, share their thoughts. One of our residents sings “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” and claps with her wrinkled hands. It brings me pleasure to watch her sing daily.

5. Emotional Support:

People with dementia experience a range of emotions, including fear, confusion, and frustration. We try to provide them with emotional support during the sessions, by addressing their feelings, offering words of encouragement, and by being a friend who listens to them.

Being a facility manager at Epoch made me realize that working for the overall wellbeing of an elderly person needs empathy, understanding, and years of experience. As a professional from the caregiving industry, I believe in creating a meaningful and uplifting experience for the residents living with us.

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