Good care comes at a price. In India's nascent assisted living industry, many believe that good care can be attained for as little as 20 or 30 thousand rupees / month. However, as operators we can confidently say that that is not true - especially if you would like an experienced, educated and adequately staffed team to care for your elderly loved ones. We request you to please carefully consider if our offering is financially feasible for you and your elderly loved ones.

Below is the basic pricing structure with low levels of care (care ratio 1 : 3). Actual pricing would be decided only after the medical assessment is done by the nursing team.

pricing now-2.png
pricing now-5.png

*Monet Home does not have Twin Sharing facility.

Long term stay requires residents to sign an 11 month contract. Short term stay prices apply for any time frame less than 11 months with a minimum of 1 month. Single occupancy is when one senior resides in their own room. Double occupancy is when 2 seniors are in one room (e.g., husband, wife). Twin sharing is when a senior will share a room with another senior.

Upon admission residents are also required to provide Rs. 2,00,000 as a one-time refundable security deposit.

Petty cash, travel, medical fees and other expenses are also not included and are billed separately. 

Prices are subject to escalation on an annual basis.

Admission process:

Our team will work closely with you to assist you through each of the following six stages of admission.

Waiting List:

To know more and enrol in our waiting list, please get in touch with shweta at

Document collection:

 Prepare all important documents including government identification, legal waiver, medical authorization, and financial records/bank statement.

Medical assessment:

Our Facility Manager will visit the elderly or do a Skype assessmentto understand if we are equipped to provide the level of care that is needed. We may also need additional tests and all the latest medical records.

Service agreement:

 Once approved, you will need to complete and sign our service agreement - this will include an agreement of the move-in date.

Security deposit:

Finally, you will need to pay your security deposit (as this is the only way to guarantee a spot in our facilities.)

Logistics + preparation:

Once it’s time to move in,we will help prepare your room and assist in the transition including booking and arranging accommodation for visiting family.

Moving + settling in: 

And it’s finally time to move into your new home! Our Facility Manager will be there to greet you and ensure the move is smooth. We request high involvement from the family during this time.