At Epoch, we build care leaders as well as business leaders! We value integrity, creativity, passion, a 'will do' attitude and above all else, the will and determination to succeed. We leverage human capital for competitiveness by nurturing knowledge and passion, and strongly believe that professional growth is the responsibility of both the individual and the organisation. 


Current openings at Epoch

Facility Manager

Mandatory minimum qualification :  B.Sc. (Nursing) or equivalent degree in similar field and 8-10 years of experience in the related field.

Location : Gurgaon

Job Description : 

  • To lead, direct, supervise and support staff working within the Facility in providing a network of services which can respond flexibly to the needs of the Residents. 
  • Be the Single Point Of Contact -SPOC for all concerned (continuity in communication for all residents, customers, staff, doctors and office staff )
  • Overall responsibility for management of the Home in an efficient and effective manner within available resources and controlled budgets. To ensure that budgetary control of the Home is maintained in accordance with the business model and financial guidelines of management. 
  • Responsible for setting up system/mechanism for smooth functioning of the facility. 
  • To send weekly and monthly internal updates about the facility and the residents overall well-being. To send weekly updates to residents’ family members about their well-being and hold monthly meetings with them.
  • Appoint staff at all levels below that of Manager 
  • To provide induction training, information and supervision to staff as appropriate, ensuring they are conversant with their duties, rights and responsibilities. 
  • To promote good communication by means of staff meetings, written and verbal reports and encourage openness at all levels. 
  • To monitor staff duties and performance. Ensure probationary periods are managed appropriately. Deal with informal disciplinary matters and action formal disciplinary procedures through the appropriate channels. 
  • Recruit and monitor volunteers. Encourage and participate in social activities for the benefit of Residents, including fund raising. 
  • In-charge of maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation levels of the entire facility, resident rooms and facility grounds at all times
  • Responsible for proper maintenance of the facility property. Be the in-charge for all maintenance issues related to the facility. In coordination with the Admin Manager, take care of all day to day maintenance activities when required.


Facility Nurse

Mandatory minimum qualification :  B.Sc. (Nursing) or equivalent degree in similar field and 3-5 years of experience in the related field.

Location : Gurgaon & Pune

Job description : 

  • To carry out all clinical procedures
  • Supervision of care team.  Resolve any performance issues and escalate to senior manager.
  • Provide high quality care. Implement processes.
  • Notify of supplies needed for resident care, or other facility items needed. Order resident supplies as needed. Maintain medication indent. 
  • Respond to family inquiries.
  • Collaborate with Marketing/Sales to prepare room for new resident’s move-in. Ensure all the paperwork and documentation is ready for new resident.
  • Review and follow resident care plan.
  • Carry out emergency management
  • Ensure resident room is ready for readmission. Ensure hospital discharge instructions are followed through by the care team. 
  • In-charge of resident and staff social engagement plans
  • Develop the staff duty roster and duty allocation book
  • Provide new care staff support and guidance
  • Conduct routine checks on CAs to assess their performance
  • Facilitate nurse and CA training sessions
  • Identify maintenance needs in the facility. 


Interested candidates please send your résumé to Shweta at or call us at +91  989 968 1595