At Epoch, we build care leaders as well as business leaders! We value integrity, creativity, passion, a 'will do' attitude and above all else, the will and determination to succeed. We leverage human capital for competitiveness by nurturing knowledge and passion, and strongly believe that professional growth is the responsibility of both the individual and the organisation. 


Current openings at Epoch


Facility Nurse

Location - Gurgaon

Key Responsibility Areas - 

  • To carry out all clinical procedures

  • Supervision of care team. Resolve any performance issues and escalate to senior manager.

  • Provide high quality care. Implement processes.

  • Notify of supplies needed for resident care, or other facility items needed. Order resident supplies as needed. Maintain medication indent.

  • Respond to family inquiries.

  • Collaborate with Marketing/Sales to prepare room for new resident’s move-in. Ensure all the paperwork and documentation is ready for new resident.

  • Review and follow resident care plan.

  • Carry out emergency management

  • Ensure resident room is ready for readmission. Ensure hospital discharge instructions are followed through by the care team.

  • In-charge of resident and staff social engagement plans

  • Develop the staff duty roster and duty allocation book

  • Provide new care staff support and guidance

  • Conduct routine checks on CAs to assess their performance

  • Facilitate nurse and CA training sessions

  • Identify maintenance needs in the facility.

Mandatory minimum qualification -  B.Sc. (Nursing) or equivalent degree in similar field and 3-5 years of experience in the related field.

Last date of application: 15th August 2019

Interested candidates please send your résumé to Karina at

Sales lead - On boarding & Customer Relations

Location - Gurgaon

Key Responsibility Areas -

Sales goals & targets: Defining goals and setting sales targets for all services offered in accordance with company goals, current business & targets

  1. Maintaining occupancy of current & achieve occupancy targets of new homes

  2. Waiting list sign ups for all homes

  3. Home care sign ups

  4. Consultancy calls & services

Sales process: Responsible for overall creation, definition & implementation of the sales process. 

Plan to ensure achievement of personal target, aligning with company sales policies and strategies.

Recruit, train and coach sales team as per the company’s targets and growth plan

Sales strategy: Design and implement a strategic plan for each service line and each customer. 

Onboarding new residents: Be the single point of contact for families and team to help prepare both parties to onboard the new resident successfully. Ensure all data points regarding the resident’s care requirements are conveyed to the team timely.

Customer relationships & feedback: Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships and understanding of their needs. Be responsible for gathering customer feedback through:

  1. Annual customer feedback form

  2. Periodic customer feedback as and defined per client status

  3. Ensure all customer issues are acknowledged within 24 hours and resolved timely. Liaise with the care team and other departments if required to address customer concerns.

Sales reports: Prepare and present sales & revenue reports and present realistic forecasts to the management team based on past performance data

Industry development: 

  1. Continually develop knowledge of the business climate, applications, and competition.

  2. Responsible for maintaining a referral database


  1. Develop an annual pricing & escalation plan in accordance with company revenue target

  2. Create a guide for pricing permutations according to resident rooms, care & customer needs

  3. Maintain data relative to customers, pricing and will document customer interactions

Partnership with marketing: 

  1. Coordinating with the marketing team on lead generation and targets.

  2. Provide information to marketing on current customer needs and industry trends

Customer contracts, documents & renewals: 

  1. To ensure that the customer agreements are signed on the day of move-in /as per process defined

  2. Timely renewal of existing contracts before the expiry date.

Payments: To ensure that timely payments are received from the customers and follow up in case of delays

CRM: Create and implement a CRM process for Epoch

Budget: Create and manage sales budget


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Masters degree in any business or management course

  • Minimum 5+ years of industry experience

  • Sales Industry Experience: Has been successful as a team leader or supervisor in sales, experience and a working knowledge of the sales industry. Experience in the healthcare or senior care industry is a plus.

  • Leadership and Motivation Skills – motivates employees to reach sales goals and needs to be able to effectively train, encourage, inspire and reward team members for their achievements

  • Customer Service – understands what it takes to provide excellent service to elders and families

  • Communication and people skills – need to be able to communicate all aspects of the sales operation to families, Facility managers, and team members

  • Computer skills – Ability to create and maintain sales records and reports

Compensation: 8 - 10 LPA

Last date of application: 31st August 2019

Interested candidates please send your résumé to Karina at