Can I send my personal attendant with my elderly loved one?

While our Assisted Living Homes are fully staffed to meet the requirements of your elderly loved one, we are happy to discuss your need for having your own personal attendant on a case by case basis. In order to work at our Assisted Living Home, your attendant will be required to undergo the same training that our staff undergoes and will be subject to the same employment conditions as other attendants. The charges for an extra personal attendant shall be payable by the family.

What is the guest policy?

Guests are welcome for short term stay with prior intimation to the Facility Manager. We allow up to 2 guests to stay in the facility at the same time.

How often will I receive an update regarding my loved one’s wellbeing? 

We always want you to have peace of mind regarding your elderly loved one’s well being. We send a detailed weekly update informing you about your loved one’s physical and mental health.  Additionally, you may call the Facility Manager at any time to receive an update about your loved ones residing at Epoch’s Assisted Living Homes.  

How often can you arrange a Skype call with my elderly loved one? 

We have a Wi-Fi enabled facility and our staff can help your loved ones with Skype anytime they would like using their personal device.

What is the admission procedure?

We strive to make the admissions process as pain-free as possible while making sure we have the necessary information to understand your loved one’s needs. Kindly refer Admissions Process or contact us for complete information.

Do you have any care plans or activities planned for the residents during the day?

Yes, there is a customized care plan for each elderly resident.  This plan is individually designed for each resident by our Facility Manager and Head of Nursing. It ensures each resident’s needs are being met and expectations exceeded.  

Is there parking at your Assisted Living facilities?

Yes, all Epoch homes have parking available – please let our sales team know if you will require this in advance.

Can residents hire a driver or park their car?

Of course, although charges may apply for parking at some residences.  The residents are free to hire personal drivers, however since the Assisted Living Homes are for elderly residents, Epoch would be unable to provide accommodation or any other similar facilities to the driver. 

Can residents obtain a recliner bed?

Absolutely! We strive to meet all resident needs, however as it is a customization request; additional charges will apply for this customization.  Kindly contact us and let us know about the special requirements for your elderly loved one. We would be happy to make the necessary arrangements to meet your requirements.

Can residents receive meals every 3 hours?

Yes, your meal plan will be drawn up by our Head of Food and Beverages in consultation with the Facility Manager an Nursing Head.  If smaller more regular meals are required, these can be arranged although it may require a dedicated personal attendant.

If my loved one wants to eat in their room can this be arranged?

We encourage residents to eat together in our dining area but it is certainly possible to have food in their own rooms, if they so desire.  Once you have reserved a room at our Assisted Living facility, our Head of Food and Beverages would be happy to speak to you to find out a way of meeting your requirements.

What food is provided? 

Delicious, nutritious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options are available based on primarily Indian cuisine.  The menu is prepared keeping in mind the health condition and dietary requirements of the elderly.

Can we meet your staff (cook, nurses, attendants, maids) before coming to the facility?

We absolutely encourage it! We want to get to know you and want you to know us – after all, we hope you will soon be part of the Epoch family and it is important that both the resident and resident’s family understands the environment and personnel who will be assisting your loved one day to day. Please contact us to set up a time to meet our staff.

What is the procedure for vacating the facility?

This will be included in your service agreement – we are happy to discuss this at the time you sign the contract.

Can you provide temporary stay arrangements?

Yes.  Epoch’s Assisted Living facilities provide both long term and short term (1-month) stay options.

If my elderly loved one is gone for a holiday how much do you charge in their absence?

Your elderly loved one’s room is theirs for the duration of your contract – no one else can or will use their room, including when they are on holiday. Because of the need to maintain our staffing levels and prohibiting temporary residents, your elderly loved one will continue to pay monthly accommodation fees, except the food charges, during any absences.

What is your emergency response system?

In case of an emergency, the live-in Facility Manager will be in charge.   They, or one of our medical staff, will accompany the elderly to the nearest hospital.  All of our staff is trained to call the ambulance and the immediate family members in case of any emergency.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

Epoch would not be serving alcoholic beverages within the facility. Residents are free to arrange for their own alcoholic beverages for personal consumption, provided it is allowed by their doctor.


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