People at Epoch


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       Neha Sinha, Co-founder & CEO

A clinical psychologist by training, Neha started her career as a counselor with one of Delhi's oldest NGOs - Sanjivini Society for Mental Health.  After spending close to 3 years at the rehabilitation center, she decided to join hands with Kabir Chadha at Epoch, then a home care provider. After a successful stint as the Head of Operations, she finally took over as the CEO for Assisted Living in December 2014.  Neha is a dementia specialist and is also trained in palliative care from Sophiahemmet University, Stockholm. She has gained international recognition for creating dementia services in India, as well as being recognized in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list 2016. The captain of the ship, Neha believes that it needs grit, undying passion and a belief in yourself to keep things going. Apart from being the best care provider, her vision is also to make Epoch a great work place. She is adventurous and a big travel enthusiast who has even enjoyed a meal of caterpillar fritters while on a trip to South Africa!

You can reach out to Neha at

Shweta Sharma, On-Boarding & Customer Relations

The queen of expressions, Shweta is passionate about two things – food and people.  Though trained as an electronics engineer, Shweta enjoys spending time with people a lot more than she does with machines.  Her jovial and warm nature make her the life of the party and a favorite of many residents.  She loves bringing joy to the lives of our residents and hopes to make Epoch known as the best Assisted Living Facility in India.  A professionally trained Bharatnatyam dancer, Shweta has been known to bust a move (or two), when the boss is not around! Shweta spends time with each family to understand their needs and helps them through the transition process to the new home. 

You can reach out to Shweta at

Vaibhav Bisht, Finance Manager

The ever-important numbers guy, Vaibhav, ensures we get our bills paid on time and stay in the black.  With a master’s degree in commerce and experience in the business sector, he appreciates the opportunity to learn new things at Epoch and enjoys working with the close-knit team.  A fan of Bollywood music, you might find Vaibhav grooving to some oldies in his office while balancing the books!

You can reach out to Vaibhav at

Prasita Nair, Head of Clinical Operations & Facility Manager, Frida House

Prasita is our clinical head and in-charge of supervising care plans for each resident. Known as the ‘ma’ of the team, Prasita is an experienced nurse, a facilities manager, a crisis manager and a motherly figure all rolled into one.   A retired Army Captain with years of training in a military hospital, Prasita stays cool and collected under pressure.  She loves building relationships with the residents and has a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that her team is enhancing their quality of life.  A Bollywood buff, Prasita claims to have watched every movie ever released! (Be sure to quiz her the next time you see her). 

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Karina Dhamiza, HR Manager

Karina has a MBA in HR and comes with 7 years of rich experience as a Human Resource personnel . Though relatively a new member of the team, with her warm nature & efficient working style she has fit into the team very quickly. A believer in karma she strongly believes that working with seniors at Epoch will add to her good karma. She believes the Epoch work culture is open, fosters creativity & is collaborative -something which she plans to build in with every single Epoch member. An ardent SRK fan, we might see all SRK movies as part of the team activity schedule!

You can reach out to Karina at

Viji Varghese, Facility Manager, Monet Home

A seasoned nurse, Viji has over 18 years of experience in the nursing field in both clinical and management roles.  She has worked as a Nurse Manager and Clinic Operations Manager in both hospital and corporate sectors, including most recently as the Nursing Occupational Health and Safety Manager at Wipro and Goldman Sachs.  Viji is committed to a nursing culture of excellence and person-centered care.  A travel enthusiast, her favourite destination has been Kufri – a beautiful hill station in Shimla!

You can reach out to Viji at

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Chinchu Joseph, Facility Manager, Vermeer House

Chinchu joins the Epoch team with 8+ years of experience as a senior nurse. She is excited to work with the elderly and believes that it is a very rewarding role.  Chinchu believes in the Epoch mission and hopes to make it a trusted brand in dementia care in India. She enjoys bullet rides to hill stations and her dream destination is Papua New Guinea.

You can reach out to Chinchu at

Jagdish Rewar, Food & Beverage Manager

Our master chef and food connoisseur, Jagdish can whip up a delicious meal in no time.  With a master’s degree in hospitality management and several years working for international hotel chains, he is the reason why Epoch residents (and staff) have been gaining a few kilos. One of the first hires at Epoch Assisted Living, Jagdish finds working with the elderly very fulfilling and enjoys the rich life stories the residents share.  When he’s is not busy in the kitchen, Jagdish enjoys traveling to new places and trying out different cuisines.

You can reach out to Jagdish at

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Bipin Babu, Senior Facility Nurse, Frida Home

The man of many talents, Bipin has been with Epoch Assisted Living since its inception.  With a calming demeanor and experience in various healthcare organizations including AIIMS in New Delhi, Bipin brings a wealth of experience to the team. He loves working with the elderly as he feels that it provides many intangible rewards and allows him to make a real difference in someone’s life.  When he isn’t riding around on his motorcycle, you will probably find Bipin exercising in the gym or exploring new places.

You can reach out to Bipin at

Saju Thomas, Facility Nurse, Vermeer Home

The well-traveled Saju is one of the newest members on the team.  Trained as an ICU nurse in Bangalore, Saju finds working at Epoch to be very rewarding and enjoys the special moments he gets to share with the residents.  He has lived in 4 states and can speak 6 languages. - Gujrati, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannad, Hindi and English!

You can reach out to Saju at

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Munesh Sharma, Facility Nurse, Monet Home

Munesh has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and prior to Epoch has worked at Sterling Hospital in Gujarat.  He feels immense satisfaction in caring for the elderly and joined the Epoch team because of its supportive employee work culture.  He would like to make Epoch a trusted brand in dementia care in India.  He is a big fan of comedy and keenly follows the Kapil Sharma show.

You can reach out to Munesh at

Renjith Raj, Facility Nurse, Vermeer House

Renjith joined the Epoch team as a Facility Nurse in October 2017 after working as a personal nurse for one of our residents for over 11 months.  He has a Bachelors degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science (RGUHS) and over 7 years of experience in Dialysis and ICU department.  Renjith loves to care for those in need and has a soft spot for the elderly in particular.  A hardcore fan of Sachin Tendulkar and Malayalam actor Lt. Col. Mohanlal, he has lived in 4 different states and speaks five languages.  Renjith loves singing, dancing and can often be found entertaining our residents with his warm smile and dance moves! 

You can reach out to Renjith at



Ram Sharma, Facility Nurse, Frida House

Ram , M.Sc. (nursing), Medical Surgical Nursing, joins Epoch as Facility Nurse at Frida this January 2019. He has previously worked with Apollo Home Health care Private Ltd and at Epoch, he gels well across all age groups and enjoys the interpersonal attachment between the young staff and the elderly residents. Now, Ram is quite the poet and also does mimicry of some Bollywood actors, so do hear out his poems next time you see him!

Aneesh S V, Facility Nurse, Frida House

Aneesh has been associated with Epoch for quite sometime as a temp nurse and since January 2019 is now a Facility Nurse at our Frida house. He has done his B.Sc in Nursing and has previously worked with Brother's hospital, Home Care Service in AJ Groups and Life Care Nursing Bureau. Aneesh loves the homely atmosphere at Epoch and interacting with the elderly.  With his time off Epoch, Aneesh enjoys travelling.