Waiting list (WL)

The purpose of the Waiting list is a formal record of all seniors who are registered as requiring admission in an Epoch home.

The option to enrol in a waiting list can be availed in the following conditions:

  1. No availability of rooms in the respective home

  2. If the move in date is planned after more than 30 days

Note: If the move in date is planned in less than 30 days, then you could avail the option of booking a room. (read below)


  • To enroll in the Waiting list, you need to register yourself first by filling out the form below.

  • Once you fill the form our On-boarding Manager will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, arrange a visit and take you through our scope of services & care

  • The next step would be to arrange for a brief medical assessment telephonically or through a video call to ensure that we are equipped to provide your loved one with the levels of care they require. This step would be repeated again at the time of admission since care requirements are subject to change

  • Finally, if all goes well the WL agreement would be shared with you, which you can sign, further to which you would be allotted a WL number. In the near future when a room gets vacant, we would be contacting you depending on your number on the waiting list.

Waiting list fee

The waiting list deposit fee is Rs 50,000 per resident and the validity of the agreement would be of one year. You can opt out of the WL agreement at any time by sending us a written notice.

Terms & Conditions:

Since our homes tend to be fully occupied at most times, the WL was introduced in order to help us prioritise one resident over the other, since care needs for every single person is as crucial as the other. By choosing to enroll on the WL, we expect you to commit about your seriousness to admit your loved one when the vacancy arrives. This will truly help us allot rooms purely based on care needs and urgency.

In a condition where we inform you about the availability of the room and you choose not to move in, there would be a small penalty to it :

  • For the first refusal - 20% of the total deposit would be forfeited i.e., Rs 10,000/- plus move to bottom of our waiting list.

  • For the second refusal - 35% of the total deposit would be forfeited i.e., Rs 17,500/- plus move to bottom of our waiting list.

  • For the third refusal - 50% of the total deposit would be forfeited i.e., Rs 25,000/- plus name will be struck off the waiting list.

An exception can be made to the conditions mentioned and the amount shall not be forfeited only in cases where:

  • Either the prospective resident is hospitalized when the vacancy comes up, or

  • Epoch is not equipped to handle the current medical condition, as assessed by Epoch.

Booking a Room

This option can be availed when the move in date is planned within 7 to 15 days of contacting us, subject to room availability.


Please fill out this form and select ‘immediate move in’ in the Timeline to move in section. Also kindly refer to the Admission process section to understand the next steps.

Room reservation fee

The room reservation fee is Rs 2 lakh per resident which is the same amount as our security deposit. After the resident has moved in, the booking amount is rolled over as the security deposit.

Terms & conditions

  • The room booking agreement must include a move in date which is mutually agreed upon.

  • The booking deposit is forfeited in case of refusal to move in completely or an inordinate delay in the agreed mutual date of move in.

  • Change of dates is only permissible subject to emergencies or medical conditions

Waiting list Form

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