In order to move in at an Epoch home, you need to go through all of the processes below

Step 1 : Filling up the form

To start with you must fill up the contact information form, so that our team can understand your requirement and take it forward accordingly.

Step 2 : Viewing

Schedule a viewing of our homes with our On-boarding Manager so that you can understand which home would be suitable for you (subject to availability).

 Step 3 : Document collection

 Prepare all important documents including government identification, legal waiver, medical authorization, and financial records/bank statement.

Step 4 : Medical assessment

Our Facility Manager will visit the elderly or do a Skype assessment to understand if we are equipped to provide the level of care that is needed. We may also need additional tests and all the latest medical records. In case of dementia we would need inputs from family members to help build the transition story.

Step 5 : Service agreement

 Once approved, you will need to complete and sign our service agreement - this will include an agreement of the move-in date.

Step 6 : Security deposit

Finally, you will need to pay your security deposit (as this is the only way to guarantee a spot in our facilities.

Step 7 : Logistics + preparation

Once it’s time to move in, we will help prepare your room and assist in the transition including booking and arranging accommodation for visiting family.

Step 8 : Moving + settling in

And it’s finally time to move into your new home! Our Facility Manager will be there to greet you and ensure the move is smooth. We request high involvement from the family during this time.